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Afternoon: Grey sends for Lichnowsky. He tells him

Posted on July 29th, 1914 by admin

Afternoon: Grey sends for Lichnowsky. He tells him even though it is too late to stop Austro-Hungarian military action it might be possible to have mediation after they occupy Belgrade. This resembles the Kaiser’s “halt in Belgrade” idea even more than Grey’s earlier suggestion to Lichnowsky that Austria-Hungary limit its military operations. This comparison is picked up in Berlin.
Grey goes on to say he wishes to make a private communication to Lichnowsky. He says if Germany and France become involved in a conflict the British Government would find itself forced to make up its mind quickly.
In that event it would not be practicable to stand aside and wait for any length of time. Grey is finally making it as clear as he can Britain will come to the aid of France. [More]


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