Who started WW One?

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This map shows the the spot where Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. The Archduke’s motorcade drove west to east along the Appel Quay (Obala Kulina bana) to the Town Hall. Čabrinović threw his bomb as it got to the Cumurija Bridge.

On leaving the Town Hall, the new plan was for the motorcade to go all the way back down Appel Quay but because the drivers had not been told it turned right at the Latin Bridge to go down Franz Joseph Street (Zelenih beretki) and was halted just where Princip was standing. The building on the corner is now a museum.

Photos: As it looked then. As it looks now.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The Archduke was not a popular figure. There was no outpouring of public grief at his death. The public man had a short temper and bullied his officials and co-workers. In contrast the private man was devoted to his wife and family.

Notwithstanding his public image he was respected for his leadership qualities and was the Empire’s best hope for the future with plans to give the Empire’s various nationalities especially the restive southern Slavs more say in their own government.

This would have weakened the appeal of union with Serbia, and his assassin, Princip, said “…. as future sovereign he would have prevented our union by carrying through certain reforms”.


The Assassins

Photos: Trial in Sarajevo October 1914. Djuro Sarac, a Black Hand contact, and Gavrilo Princip (on the right) seated on bench in a Belgrade park. Princip in custody. Dragutin Dimitrijević (Apis). Major Vojislav Tankosić


The Assassins route from Belgrade to Sarajevo


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