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5 July, 5 P.M. and after, Potsdam: Bethmann and Zimmermann have been

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5 July 5.00 P.M. and after, Potsdam: Bethmann and Zimmermann have been summoned to Potsdam and join the Kaiser already in conference with available German military leaders.
The Kaiser briefs them on the documents from Vienna. He says it is Austria’s affair for her to settle in her own way. The preservation of Austria is a vital German interest and “Emperor Franz Joseph must be assured in this critical hour we shall not abandon him”.
They believe Austria is getting ready for war on Serbia. The prevailing opinion of the meeting is “the sooner the Austrians make their move against Serbia the better, and that the Russians – though friends of Serbia – will not join in”.
Falkenhayn asks if any preparatory military measures should be taken. The Kaiser is clear. No preparations are necessary. A war with Russia and France is unlikely though it is something to keep in mind. [More]


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