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7 July, morning: Berchtold asks the Ministerial Council

Posted on July 5th, 1914 by admin

7 July, morning: Berchtold asks the Ministerial Council “whether the moment had not arrived to render Serbia innocuous once and for all by a display of force?” He mentions the unconditional support of Germany and says that intervention in Serbia makes war with Russia very likely.
Immediate military action is ruled out because of Tisza’s objections and the fear it would isolate Austria-Hungary diplomatically.
They agree the first step will be the presentation of a diplomatic note making demands on Serbia and if these demands are not met to issue an ultimatum. With the exception of Tisza they want the demands to be so harsh they will be refused so “the way is open to a radical solution by means of military intervention”.
They believe a purely diplomatic success even the “sensational humiliation” of Serbia, will be worthless. Tisza agrees the note can be stiff but it must not be unacceptable. Serbia must be given the opportunity of avoiding war and accepting a severe diplomatic defeat. [More]


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