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During the cabinet meeting: Asquith reads out the letter

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During the cabinet meeting: Asquith reads out the letter from Bonar Law and Lord Lansdowne offering “unhesitating support” for the government in any measures it considers necessary to support France and Russia. The cabinet know if the government collapses its successor will either be a coalition or a Conservative minority government in favour of war.
Asquith also gives his summary of the British position. He says:
(1) We have no obligation of any kind either to France or Russia to give them military or naval help.
(2) The dispatch of the Expeditionary Force to help France at this moment is out of the question and would serve no object.
(3) We must not forget the ties created by our long-standing and intimate friendship with France.
(4) It is against British interests that France should be wiped out as a Great Power.
(5) We cannot allow Germany to use the Channel as a hostile base.
(6) We have obligations to Belgium to prevent it being utilised and absorbed by Germany.
One cabinet member later described the cabinet meeting as the one “which decided that war with Germany was inevitable”.


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