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Late evening early hours next day: In response to the bad news

Posted on July 29th, 1914 by admin

Late evening, early hours next day: In response to the bad news, Russia is mobilising and Britain is likely to support its Entente partners, Bethmann sends a series of telegrams to Tschirschky in Vienna which in contrast to previous German encouragement appear to seek to hold Austria-Hungary back from triggering a European war.
Two go about midnight. Bethmann wants Vienna to consider Grey’s proposal that Austria-Hungary limits military operations. Vienna must also renew its conversations with St Petersburg.
Two more about 3.00 A.M. He sends Lichnowsky’s report of Grey’s warning and adds “if Austria rejects all mediation, we are faced with a conflagration in which England will go against us”. The last telegram repeats the need to reopen discussions with Russia and ends by saying “Germany will fulfil its alliance obligations but must decline to be drawn into a world conflagration by Vienna, without having any regard paid to our counsel”. [More]


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