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2.00 A.M.: Izvolsky has a message

Posted on July 30th, 1914 by admin

2.00 A.M.: Izvolsky has a message from Sazonov sent before the Tsar changed general back to partial mobilisation.
It explains Germany has warned it will mobilise if Russia does not stop her military preparations. “As we cannot meet the German wish, all we can do is to speed up our armaments and reckon with the probable inevitability of war”.
Sazonov thanks the French for the “declaration which the French ambassador made in his government’s name that Russia may count in full measure on the support of France under the alliance”.
“Speed up our armaments” is Sazonov’s way of saying Russia is ordering general mobilisation. It is not clear all the French understand this thinking it means preparatory measures such as the French themselves are taking.


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