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Paris: Schoen calls on Bienvenu-Martin to explain

Posted on July 24th, 1914 by admin

Paris: Schoen calls on Bienvenu-Martin to explain the German view especially the need to keep the conflict local. In view of the various alliances any foreign intervention would have “incalculable consequences”.
Bienvenu-Martin has been joined by Philippe Berthelot, the deputy head of the French Foreign Ministry. He repeats his view that Austria-Hungary can make legitimate demands on Serbia but Berthelot adds Russia might be unable to resist the pressure to defend Serbia and he hopes Austria will discuss any demands to which Serbia cannot agree.
Schoen gives a positive report to Berlin saying the French minister is “visibly relieved at our idea that Austro-Serbian conflict is one to be settled exclusively by the two participants. French Government sincerely shares the wishes that conflict remain localised”.


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