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6.30 P.M.: Cabinet Meeting The cabinet have an easier meeting

Posted on August 2nd, 1914 by admin

6.30 P.M.: Cabinet Meeting The cabinet have an easier meeting and they agree to a statement regarding Belgium.
The report to the King of the day’s meetings says “… protection of the French coasts … is not only a recognition of our friendship with France, but is also imperatively required to preserve British interests” and “As regards Belgium, it was agreed, without any attempts to state a formula, that it should be made evident that a substantial violation of the neutrality of that country would place us in the situation contemplated as possible by Mr. Gladstone in 1870, when interference with Belgian independence was held to compel us to take action”.
This statement gives some hope to those against joining the war as Germany might invade only a small part of Belgium on the route to France and the Belgians themselves not resist. If Belgium resists most in the cabinet believe Britain must enter the war.
A second cabinet member confirms he will resign. [More]


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