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11.00 A.M. Cabinet Meeting: Grey tells the cabinet about

Posted on July 31st, 1914 by admin

11.00 A.M.: Cabinet Meeting Grey tells the cabinet about Bethmann’s proposal for British neutrality and his rejection of it. They agree Grey was right to reject the proposal but it does not change the minds of the cabinet members who think Britain should be neutral. Lloyd George warns that business is strongly against war.
They discuss what Grey should say to Paul Cambon. Grey admits that Britain is not bound by the same obligation of honour to France as binds France to Russia.
The general feeling is British opinion will be against joining a war in support of France though a violation of Belgian neutrality might alter public opinion.
In any case the cabinet cannot promise assistance without the assent of House of Commons. Harcourt is pleased and writes a note to sympathetic colleague “It is now clear that this Cabinet will not join the war”. [More]


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