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5.30 P.M.: Cabinet Meeting Grey explains his policy to the cabinet.

Posted on July 27th, 1914 by admin

5.30 P.M. Cabinet Meeting Grey explains his policy to the cabinet. He wants to keep Britain’s position as a mediator as strong as possible. He is doing this by keeping opposing groups of powers in the dispute uncertain as to what Britain will do if mediation fails and there is a war.
Germany wants Britain to be neutral, and Russia and France both want Britain to declare it will support them. The cabinet endorse Grey’s policy of deliberate ambiguity.
This approach has the great advantage that the cabinet which is deeply divided between those who support Britain’s Entente partners and those who would be neutral, does not for the moment have to decide what Britain will do.
The cabinet also approves the decision already taken to keep the fleet at full strength and agrees to discuss Britain’s obligation to Belgium at their next meeting. [More]


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