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10.30 P.M.: Telegram arrives from Buchanan recording Sazonov’s

Posted on July 25th, 1914 by admin

10.30 P.M.: Telegram arrives from Buchanan reporting Sazonov’s remarks that afternoon. He says Russia will not allow Austria-Hungary to crush Serbia but also says Russia would stand aside and allow four-power mediation.
Sazonov has confirmed Russia is taking pre-mobilisation measures. Buchanan has warned him that Germany will not allow Russia to get ahead militarily.
Sazonov thinks Germany is counting on British neutrality and if Britain makes it clear she stands with Russia and France there will be no war.
And, with reference to Asia, “we shall have to choose between giving Russia our active support or renouncing her friendship. If we fail her now we cannot hope to maintain that friendly cooperation with her in Asia”. [More]


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