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British cabinet discuss what Britain would do if

Posted on July 29th, 1914 by admin

British cabinet discuss what to do if Germany attacks France through neutral Belgium. Britain signed the 1839 Treaty that created neutral Belgium. They decide British action will be based on policy rather than treaty obligations.

Cabinet decides the Foreign Secretary continues his ambiguous stance with France and Germany. Tell the French not to count on Britain coming in, tell the Germans not to count on Britain staying out.

Liberal MP’s Foreign Affairs Group tells Foreign Secretary Britain should tell Russia and France that “Great Britain in no conceivable circumstances will depart from a position of strict neutrality”.

British Foreign Secretary tells French ambassador that Britain has not yet decided what it would do.

He sees the German ambassador and puts forward another idea for a solution to the crisis similar to the Kaiser’s “halt in Belgrade”.

He also tells the ambassador privately that Britain could not stand aside if France and Germany were involved in a conflict.


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