Who started WW One?

Germany has confirmation of Russian general mobilisation


Posted on July 31st, 1914 by admin

Germany has confirmation of Russian general mobilisation.

British ambassador informs the Chancellor Britain rejects his proposal for British neutrality.

The Kaiser joins the civil and military leaders in Berlin.

German military are pleased with developments. Russia can be blamed for the outbreak of war.

Germany instructs its ambassador in St Petersburg to tell the Russian government German mobilisation will follow unless it stops its mobilisation within 12 hours. Germany proclaims “State of Imminent Danger of War”.

German ambassador in Paris is told to ask the French if they will remain neutral in a Russo-German war. They must reply by 4.00 P.M. the next day.

The Kaiser telegrams the Austrian Emperor saying Germany will fulfil its alliance obligations. Austria must direct its chief force against Russia not Serbia.


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