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German Chief of the General Staff warns the Chancellor

Posted on July 29th, 1914 by admin

German Chief of the General Staff warns the Chancellor Russian and French military preparations are putting Germany at a disadvantage. Given Germany’s alliance with Austria-Hungary German mobilisation is inevitable.

Germany tells Russia further military preparations will force Germany to mobilise and a European war could scarcely be prevented.

Germany gets the news of Russian partial mobilisation.

German Chancellor sees the British ambassador and asks if Britain would agree to be neutral if Germany promised not to annex any part of France. The ambassador says he thinks Britain will want to keep its options open. He transmits the offer to London.

Following this the Chancellor gets the clear indication from the German ambassador in London that Britain will join France and Russia if war breaks out.

In response to the bad news the Chancellor sends a series of wires to Vienna. He urges they talk with the Russians and also consider the “halt in Belgrade” proposal (which the British have also suggested).


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