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4.40 P.M., Potsdam: Bethmann, Falkenhayn, Moltke, meet

Posted on July 29th, 1914 by admin

4.40 P.M., Potsdam: Bethmann, Falkenhayn, Moltke, and Lyncker meet with the Kaiser to discuss the military position. The Kaiser supports Bethmann and Moltke in not proclaiming “State of Imminent Danger of War”.
It is important to get Austria-Hungary’s response to Telegram 174 concerning the Kaiser’s “halt in Belgrade” proposal. It is also better Russia makes the first move and appears as the aggressor.
Bethmann proposes that Germany makes a bid for English neutrality in the event of Germany attacking France. Germany would guarantee the territorial integrity of France and offer England a naval agreement that would end the naval race. The Kaiser rejects the naval proposal.
They agree to implement military protection of the railways. This is Germany’s first military measure. [More]


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