Who started WW One?

Month Timeline

January 1914
Date Ilić and Mehmedbašić
Source: Albertini
Ilić and Mehmedbašić
Source: Dedijer
Princip and Čabrinović Other
Week 1
Week 2 p77. According to Golubic Toulouse meeting in middle of January. p282. Toulouse meeting sometime between 7 Jan and 3 Feb.
Week 3
Week 4 p77. Ilić sees Mehmedbašić in Sarajevo. According to Golubic Mehmedbašić returned to Stolac at end of January and went to Sarajevo a few days later. Contradicts what Mehmedbašić told Albertini. See below D p284. End of Jan. Princip leaves Sarajevo for Belgrade.
February 1914
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 K&W p166. 17 Feb. Archduke agrees to make formal visit to Sarajevo.
Week 4 p78. Ilić sees Mehmedbašić in Mostar. Mehmedbašić told Albertini after returning from Toulouse, he got a letter from Ilić some weeks later asking him to meet in Mostar.
March 1914
Week 1
Week 2 D p284. 13 March. Princip registers his arrival in Belgrade.

A p53. Princip said he read news about Archduke’s visit immediately on his arrival and a few days later spoke to Čabrinović’.

D p287. Middle of March. Public announcement of Archduke’s visit to Sarajevo

Week 3 A p52. Čabrinović’s friends in Sarajevo send him press press cutting about Archduke’s visit.
Week 4 p283. 26 March. Ilić sees Mehmedbašić in Sarajevo. According to Trišić, a friend of Mehmedbašić, Mehmedbašić goes to Sarajevo and sees Ilić on the 26 March D p290. End of March. Čabrinović gets press cutting form friends in Sarajevo. He discuses it with Princip and they agree to assassinate the Archduke
April 1914
Week 1 D p291. Princip and Čabrinović make contact with Ciganović to obtain weapons. Some days later he says they will get weapons.

D p293. Princip immediately writes to Ilić in Sarajevo.

Week 2 p45. Ilić said at his trial that Princip wrote to him before Easter . EASTER 12 APRIL
Week 3
Week 4
May 1914
Week 1
Week 2 p303. Middle of May. Mehmedbašić meets Ilić in Mostar.
Week 3
Week 4