Who started WW One?

Work in Progress

This website is a work in progress. More information and new ways to look at information will be added.

Many Timeline events already have a marker [More] where links will be given to on-site and off-site detailed information and discussion of contentious matters concerning the event.

We plan to do major updates/additions every three months or so. Smaller scale improvement and editing is continuous.


The main purpose of the site is to give a comprehensive, accurate, and objective account of the events of July 1914 that led to the outbreak of war. It uses web technology to make this account easier and quicker to use and to understand.

It complements the many books on the subject. It is not meant to replace the analysis and opinion of a good book.

The subject is still controversial. Authors concentrate on events that prove their point and downplay, and even ignore, others. And, there is still genuine uncertainty surrounding some of the events of those July days.