France, Wednesday, 29th July

8.00 A.M. The French Presidential party returns to France. They dock at Dunkirk and go by train to Paris. At the quayside and at stations on the way they are met by large cheering crowds. The French public are reacting to the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia which the Presidential party now hear about.

11.15 A.M. Izvolsky informs the French government Russian partial mobilisation against Austria-Hungary will shortly be announced. This is not the consultation the Franco-Russian alliance requires. Also, it creates no immediate alarm because Jagow has told the French ambassador that mobilisation against only Austria-Hungary would not cause German mobilisation.

Late afternoon The French cabinet meets chaired by Poincaré. They discuss the situation and decide to hold daily meetings.

During the cabinet meeting As the meeting starts Viviani is called out to see Schoen who has a message from Bethmann.
Though France is at liberty to take what measure it believes necessary, continued military preparations will mean that Germany will have to declare a "State of Imminent Danger of War". Viviani says the French preparations are very limited and the best way to decrease tension is to pursue the British mediation proposal.

Afternoon and later Izvolsky sends Sazonov several telegrams about events in France.
He mentions the attitude of the French press which is very pro-Russian and the very warm welcome given to Poincaré on his return from the French visit to St Petersburg.
He also reports that after the cabinet meeting Viviani told him of the determination of the French government to proceed in unity with all French parties.

Evening Joffre asks Messimy for authorisation for French covering forces to take up their positions on the French border with Germany.