France, Saturday, 25th July

Stockholm, morning On reaching Stockholm Poincaré and Viviani get report of what the German ambassador said in Paris the previous day. They realise if Germany is insisting the dispute between Austria-Hungary and Serbia is localised, then Germany is supporting Austria-Hungary.

Paris A French newspaper publishes news of Schoen's "demand" for localisation of the conflict. The newspaper says this amounts to saying "Leave Austria to crush Serbia or you will have to reckon with Germany".
Schoen calls on Berthelot to protest against this leak and its interpretation. Berthelot assures him the French government has had nothing to do with the news article.

Paris Bertie reports to London that he has told Bienvenu-Martin that in democratic countries such as England and France war could not be made without the support of public opinion and public opinion in England would not sanction a war in support of Russia if she went to the aid of Serbia.
As a private individual Bienvenu-Martin agreed. It would be difficult to get the support of the French people in this case. Bertie thinks France will advise Russia to moderate its support for Serbia.

Stockholm Viviani telegrams Paris saying France should work with Russia and Britain and if Austria-Hungary insists on taking part in an investigation on Serbian territory to call for a conference similar to the 1904 Rome conference to combat European anarchists which would widen the inquiry to include other Powers.
They decide to continue with their Swedish visit. [More]