Germany, Friday, 24th July

Berlin Jules Cambon calls on Jagow. Jagow tells him Germany was not aware of the terms of the ultimatum before they were published though it supports them.
He says Serbia's friends should give her "wise advice". Cambon responds saying Germany should give similar "wise advice" in Vienna. Jagow says the problem has to be localised between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

Berlin Cambon tells his diplomatic colleagues he believes the Austro-Hungarians are going to use the assassination to try to salvage their position in the Balkans and Berlin will support them because Germany does not want Austria-Hungary weakened any further. Vienna and Berlin "are playing a dangerous game of bluff, and they think they can carry matters through with a high hand". Rumbold reports these views to London.

Rome Flotow meets with San Giuliano and Salandra. He insists only Triple Alliance unity can prevent other powers intervening and escalating the crisis.
San Giuliano doesn't agree and says Italy will keep her options open.
He also explains that Italy's political system makes it necessary for the government to give the country some advantage if it is to run risks in a war fought in the interests of Austria-Hungary. [More]

Evening Following warnings from Lichnowsky and Schoen that London and Paris believe the German government is behind the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia Jagow wires Paris, London, and St. Petersburg declaring that Germany had nothing to do with the ultimatum and knew nothing of its contents.