Serbia, Friday, 17th July

17 July A leading German newspaper publishes an interview with Pašić. He denies any Serbian involvement in the assassinations at Sarajevo and speaks of Austro-Hungarian oppression of Serbs. He says if Serbia is attacked by a great power then other states would come to its aid. Pašić disavows the interview.

17 July Crackanthorpe reports to London that Pašić has unofficially told Giesl the Serbian government is prepared to comply with any request for a police investigation and to take any other measure compatible with the dignity and independence of Serbia.
But the concern in Belgrade is that Austria-Hungary might demand a mixed commission of inquiry which would imply foreign intervention in domestic and legislative affairs.

17 July Boskovic, the Serbian minister in London, reports that a "well-informed source" has advised that Austria-Hungary's peaceful statements should not be believed and that it is planning "momentous pressure" on Serbia which may develop into an armed attack. This source is almost certainly Bunsen.

18 July Crackanthorpe has a copy of Bunsen's report. He asks Gruić if it might be a good idea for Belgrade to launch an independent investigation into the alleged South Slav conspiracy on Serbian soil.
Gruić says they must wait for the findings of the Austro-Hungarian investigation in Sarajevo. The Serbian government will comply with "whatever request for further investigation the circumstances might call for and which would be compatible with international usage".
Gruić also says should Austria-Hungary attack Serbia, Serbia would have the support of Russia, and this would lead to a European conflagration.

19 July, early hours Pašić sets out the Serbian government position in an urgent telegram to all Serbian legations apart from Vienna.
Evidence suggests Vienna is planning a demarche that will accuse Serbia and pan-Serbianism of the assassinations.
While Serbia would agree to any Austrian requests to bring accomplices of the assassins to justice, "she could not accede to demands unacceptable to any state which guards its independence and dignity".
This was to be emphasised to foreign governments with the request that they might support reconciliation when opportunity or necessity arose. [More]

20 July Pašić leaves Belgrade for an election campaign tour of north-east Serbia.

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